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Friday, July 17, 2009

Allison's Tale (Another from the Lady's Whim)

Allison’s Story

There are 5 ways to get nude pictures of your self.
1) Hold a digital camera out away from yourself, turning the lens towards your self and snap the picture.
2) Stand in front of a mirror and take a picture of your image in the mirror. (Watch out for flash flare.)
3) Use a camera that has a self timer. Activate the timer and then run back into the frame, and wait for the shot to be taken.
4) Use a squeeze bulb or if your camera has one a remote control. This is a device that you attach to the shutter release on a camera that allow you to take the shot remotely.
5) Have someone else take the pictures…

Allison had a problem; she wanted to get some nude pictures of herself. For some time she knew what she wanted, but she just didn't know how to go about getting them. She had a digital camera, but every time she went to make her own nudes, she froze up. Her inhibitions were too great, and she always quit before she even got started, either feeling too silly or too wanton to go through with it. And of course asking her husband to take photos of her naked was out of the question. Five years ago Bob's general disinterest in marital sex had dried completely up, and he became a dried up prude that now openly chastises her at the very suggestion of anything carnal. And even though she didn't seem to have the will to make herself go through with her desire, it was none the less ever present in her mind.
So when her friend Tara told her about this mysterious new service company, The Lady's Whim, she wondered if maybe they might be able to help her solve her dilemma. Tara said their company's mission was to provide discrete special personal services to the feminine clientele. Tara's could say enough about how pleased she was with her use of their services. She said that she became a regular ever since her first encounter. She wouldn't say exactly how often, only that it is very often.
So Allison wasted no time in calling their contact number.
"Hello, the is The Lady's Whim. How may we be of service?" a deep sexy male voice answered after one ring.
Allison was surprised that her body instant responded with arousal. Caught off guard, she took a moments pause to answer. "Hi, my name is Allison and I am interested in your services."
"Hi Allison. Can I ask if you have a referral?"
"Yes I do. My friend Tara ********* has given you high praise, and is recommending you to all her close friends."
"Oh yes, Tara is one of a growing number of raving fans. So, what did you have in mind? Any particular fantas… whim that you've been wanting to experience?", the voice on the phone asked apparently almost letting the word fantasy slip out.
"I need a photographer. I need someone to take erotic pictures of me…"
"We have such a man… world renown photographer. He has done photo shoots with all the top female celebrities."
"… I mean nude photos… naked. That's not a problem?"
"Ma'am, the is The Lady's Whim, it goes without saying, there's no problem with you being nude. So, when would you like to schedule your photo session?"
When she hung up the phone, Allison was filled with a strange mixture of sexual arousal (she was very turned on), and misgivings of dread. What had she done? Was she really going to pose naked in front of a strange man, so that he could take pictures of her in the nude? She wasn't sure if she would go through with it when the time arrived, but it sure was exciting to think about what might happen… She was in such a state that she sought out her vibrator for an extended session of self pleasuring as she worked up the courage to see this thing through, once and for all.

On the morning of her photo shoot the butterflies in Allison's stomach were so bad it was all she could do to not run to the far corner of her garden and hide. But she steadied herself and waited in her private sitting room. She waited for the arrival of a man, a new man she had never met, (what we would call a stranger), whom she would soon bare herself to, get naked, expose herself to, for the purpose of creating erotic photographic images of her naked self. Oh my God, she kept thinking to herself… what am I doing?
And what was she doing, and why was this proving to be so difficult? What is the big deal with the naked human body? And for that matter what is the big deal with sex? She was so sexually neglected and abused, so very sexually frustrated that her horniness blurred all other concerns, so much so that she had been pushed to her current state of desperation.

But even though her body was constantly screaming for sex, she still had a tremendous amount of inhibition in a couple of different areas. The one she was grappling with right now being that of bodily modesty. From the moment we are born, we are clothed. And as we grow, we are programmed to above all else keep our privates covered. Even an armed bank robber has this social moray so engrained in his psyche that though he might kill to get what he wants, he wouldn't do it naked… that would be immoral. She knew this, but she wondered why is should be so.

But what is the bid deal? Why should nakedness be so forbidden? We all have naked bodies. And there are only two basic models of bodies; male and female. If you're female, the naked female body being the norm is no big deal, and if you're male, male bodies are of no interest. So really the big hang up (beyond the concerns of physical comfort and hygiene) is only over one gender seeing the nakedness of the opposite gender (or more properly the complimentary gender). Well maybe that is understandable… if one considers all the taboos that humans infused into their reproductive behaviors. The key to controlling who had sex with whom and when and where that sex was had, was in the covering up of various parts of the human body. (And though what needed to be covered up has been in constant flux though out time and around the globe, there are few body parts that never were ok to be naked. NOTE: of course there are exceptions to this. There have been tribes of humans that never developed nakedness taboos, and there are places where nakedness is deliberately practiced by an ever growing number of people that have overcome nakedness taboos. But of course we're not talking about these exception in context of Allison's life.)

Of course there were differences in the dynamics of nudity between males and females. There wasn't a equal parity in the ways the two genders considered nakedness. Males tended to be more visually stimulated and keyed off of feminine nakedness. Whereas women tended to be more agitated and intimidated by male nakedness. This polar arrangement results in female nakedness as alluring and male nakedness as threatening. Generally a woman could show herself to a man (without his consent), and he would have a positive reaction to her, but a man showing himself to a woman (without her consent) would probably bring a negative reaction in the woman. This of course is tied directly to the different reproductive roles each gender has. Sex and nudity, nudity and sex; for humans after eons of evolution the two things are inseparably intertwined. Something that no doubt happened after humans started clothing their selves for physical comfort. By discovering clothing technology, our ancestors inadvertently invented nakedness and all that goes with it.

And so, Allison who wanted, to the point of needing, pictures of her naked self, found herself al most ill at the prospect of doing what it takes to get them. How many times had she gotten naked, and pointed her digital camera at herself… and not been able to push the button? (A zillion times.) How many times, when she had welled up the nerve to pushed the button, had she deleted the shot? (Every time.) How many times had she framed herself in a mirror and then chickened out from snapping the picture? (Countless.) She was such a mess. She really couldn't believe the power of her inner inhibitions. Well, she was going to get help. Someone was on their way who would do for her, that which she could not bring herself to do.

She also couldn't believe how aroused she was. Shaking in with a nervous fear much like stage fright, and yet at the same time she could feel the wetness of her sexual excitement. Her husband Bob's suppression of her sexual needs had her libido set to a hair trigger. So with the nervous reluctance, there was also a ravenous hunger that had her quite turned on.

"Ding dong", the door chimes rang out. Allison glanced at the clock, but she already knew it was the moment she had been waiting for. It was the moment her photographer had arrived, right on time. In a few moments, the maid, Theresa, would answer the door, and then bring him back to her sitting room. In a moment there would be no running away, and no more waiting. Oh well, she thought, might as well make the best of this mixed bag of emotions. She hoped to herself that her Lady's Whim guy turned out to be a fantastic as they had been made out to be. She really needed something… something mind blowing to happen.

Theresa opened the sitting room door, and Allison heard her saying, "Madam's sitting room", as she gestured into the room.

"Thank you," a deep voice responded.

Allison turned around to catch her first sight of man who had come to "take some portrait pictures". Well at least that is what she had told her maid was going to happen today.

What a very attractive man he was. Strapped down with the customary photo bags of his trade, he was medium height, in good shape. Wavy dark blond hair. He was clean shaven, with good features: strong jaw, nicely shaped nose, and well placed eyes. He wore khaki pants and a polo shirt. He had a rugged handsomeness about himself.

Immediately she felt herself respond physically to him. Her nipples hardened and her breathing quickened. But she kept from staring too long while taking him all in. "Hello, I'm Allison."

Allison, for her part was a very attractive 40 year old. She had kept herself in good shape. Maybe a few extra pounds, but she was no slouch. On the beach or around the pool she could still look good in a bikini. For the shoot she had chosen a blue dress that buttoned down the front. It had a scoop neck that displayed her cleavage quite nicely. Underneath she had a matching bra and panty set and a pair of thigh high white stockings. On her feet, she had a pair of black patent open toe pumps with a medium heel.

"Hello… Michael…, ma'am," he responded sounding slightly preoccupied, "but feel free to call me Mike." It was almost like he was surprised.

She reached out her right hand to him, offering it to shake, "I want to begin by letting you know how much I appreciate you seeing me today. I understand that you are in high demand, and that you have worked with some very big names."

He took her hand in his, and gave it a subtle shake. His hand felt very strong, and warm, also soft and gentle "Well, thank-you. It's always nice when ones reputation precedes one. I hope we'll be able to work well together and produce some really fantastic results." His hazel eyes seemed to sparkle as he said this.

"So," Allison asked as he continued to hold her hand, "how does this work. This is a first for me."

"First, let's talk a bit. Half a photographer's work is knowing his subject." Then he brought her hand up to his lips and kissed the back of it.

A jolt of electricity went through her body. So a bit breathlessly, Allison suggested, "Well then, please take a seat and let's get acquainted."

Mike put down his bags, and then took a seat across from Allison who had also taken a seat. He trying to look very much in control, and her looking very much demure.

"Allison," he began, "what is it that you want me for? Tell me what kind of pictures you'd like me to take."

She took a moment. Originally, she had really wanted him to just and make pictures like she said. But now that he was there, looking so delicious, she wanted him to make love to her. I mean that was really what the Lady's Whim provided women: sexual adventures. Her mind was spinning and she didn't know what to say, so she went back to the first plan. "Mike," she replied, "I need to have some nude pictures taken. And not just nude, but erotic nudes. I want to be a playmate like in a men's magazine. I want you to make sexy pictures of me."

"O.K. This I can do. But I have a rule that I never break. As an artist, so that I won't corrupt my subject, I must insist that we won't sleep with each other. So don't take it personally, if it seems to you that I don't want you, I'm just being professional, it has nothing to do with your own desirability." He looked appraisingly at her, up and down from head to toe. "Believe me, you are quite desirable."

Allison flushed when she heard him say that. Her tongue absentmindedly licked her lips. And she felt tingles deep in her body. But wait, surely this is part of his "act", she thought sex could be included in the fantasy if that's what the woman wanted.

Before she could ask about that, Mike continued. "That being said, tell me why you want these photos. What ultimate goal do you have in mind for these photos? I ask because this has great bearing on what kind of photos will get taken."

"Well, um, … this is…", she had a hard time forming the words.

"It's o.k., you can trust me and I won't betray your trust."

Allison's eyes began to water. But she mustarded up some strength and said, "Mike, I'm missing something in my life. I hope that having these photos, might help me get what I don't have, back."

Mike gave her a look that implored her to elaborate.


Mike raised his eyebrow reminder her that he had told her she could call him Mike.

"…Mike, my husband has no sexual desire for me. I am hoping that I can present him with these photos, and it might spark in him some kind of sexual interest."

Mike thought for just a second. Looking into her eyes as if he was peering into her soul he asked, "But couldn't you just entice or arouse him in person? How are the photos suppose to be more arousing than flesh and blood you? You are an extremely sexy woman."

Allison took a second to turn this question over in her mind. Again she felt her body respond with arousal. "I don't know…", her voice began to crack. She drew up her strength again. "I don't know specifically. It just occurred to me, that maybe it would turn him on to have pictures of me like that. Men seem to respond to girlie pictures, right?"

"So why do you need me? Can't you just take some self-pics?"

"Well I tried that, and well, I either couldn't do it, or what I ended up with just looked stupid. I think I am too inhibited or too self-conscious to take my own pictures. I thought that maybe with some help, I'd get better results."

"So these are to be a gift for your husband… who has become uninterested in you sexually?"


"Aren't you afraid that you're rewarding his inattentiveness?"

She grimaced.

"Is he merely bored with sex, or is he anti-sex?"

"Bored, no anti… no both." There was silence for a few ticks of the clock. "No, he is anti-sex. I am hoping some hot pictures of me, might turn him around about sex. Truth is, he seems thoroughly disgusted at the very idea of sex with me… though I know that a pretty woman can still make him take a second look."

"How long has it been this way?"

"Mike, it's been over five years. Five years of a sexless marriage. Five years of pretending to the rest of the world that we a blissfully in love, while at the same time feeling like life is slipping on by without the special joy sex brings. Five years of thinking about the wonderful sex other women are enjoying that I am not."

"And so you want some erotic pictures of yourself, so you can use them to get your husband interested in sex with you again?"


"O.K. I think I can help you out."


"Yes! But you have to put yourself in my hand, you have to completely trust me following my instructions. Now let me get some stuff set up. I am thinking here would be a great setting. This seems to be your inner sanctum. The maybe some pictures in the bedroom and/or bath."

Allison nodded and Mike began to set things up. He pulled open the blinds on the windows, flooding the room with natural light. Then he turn a settee around so that it best caught the light. He set up a couple of cameras in tri-pods positioning them so that the were pointing at the desk in the corner. He then put a couple more cameras up facing the settee. Next he got his handheld camera out of his bag.

As he was doing his thing, Allison went over to the door and locked it so that nobody would come wandering in while she was in who knows what state of undress. Not that is mattered much, the household staff was very respectful of privacy issues. But still, she thought, nobody wants an unexpected interruption.

"Ready," he at last declared.

"Let's start with you at your desk. And let's start with some head shots with you fully dressed."

Allison walked around behind her desk. She wasn't sure but she thought she could hear the sound of cameras going off. She made an inquisitive look at Mike.

"Just ignore the sound of my cameras. Pretend they're not here. Don't worry about when I am snapping a shot. Just let me take care of that. I work by taking 50 pictures or so for every picture worth keeping." As he said this the cameras took a few more shots. "Now just sit down behind your desk and look my way with a gentle easy smile."

Allison did this, the best she could. Well the sitting down and looking, but the smile part was a bit difficult.

Mike saw this, and he reacted by coming around behind her. He brought his face close to hers and whispered into her ear, "You are so lovely." Then he kissed her on the neck, just below her ear. It felt so good to her, and a big grin came across her face. Then he quickly stepped back out of the frame and fired off several volleys of shots.

"Now try to look mischievous. Like you're thinking about seducing your man."

Allison tried to do this, but mischievous just didn't happen.


"Yes, Mike."

"Is there any other reason for these pictures?"


"Come on you can trust me. I won't tell anyone."

"O.K. There is someone else that I want to give these to."


"Yes, I met this guy over the internet… and well, he shared his pictures with me, and I want to return the favor… so I want to have some pictures that I can send when I want to." As she confessed this, the quintessential look of mischievousness came across her face… more shots were taken.

"Ah, so you want something to send to a cyber friend. Well now that makes perfect sense."

A big beaming smile came to Allison's face. And it was promptly captured to disk.

"O.K. great now come around to the front of your desk. Um, sort of sit up against the edge of it."

She did so, and as she did she maintained a very allusive look on her face.

"Like this?" she asked.

"Perfect. Now lean back, support yourself with your arms out behind you on the desk and sort of trust you breasts up. Yes… good."

The cameras constantly shooting now.

"Here let me help," Mike said and he approached her again. This time he ran his hand over both her breasts, giving her a nice stroking. Instantly her face lit up, and she let out a moan of pleasure. But quick as a flash he was out of the frame again taking many shots of her in that state.

"O.K. Let's start the fun. I want you to reach for that top button…"

Allison's expression changed instantly. Classic "deer in the headlights" replaced "woman feeling very turned on". She hesitated for a moment, and then did as she had been asked. Her hand reached up for her the top button of her dress. But it was a shaky hand. A scared hand. And then her eyes went to fixed straight ahead to, pleading, "help me, I don't know about this".

Mike was supportive, "Ally, it's o.k." And he moved back, close to her. He bent his neck and whispered into her ear, "you can do this. You have this within you, I can see the deep down sexuality that is within. You are so very sensual and sexy. Trust your body, listen to it." And then he kissed her ear lobe, and then kissed below it on her neck. And then he kissed her neck again.

He felt her body relax, and he could even sense that her hand stopped shaking. He felt her knees release, and knew that if she hadn't been supporting her self against the desk she might even have buckled. His lips moved up to her ear again and he took part of it in his mouth. His tongue traced along it's curves. This gave her a very sly smile, which he captured in a picture… that sly smile with her fingers on the top button.

"Now unbutton that button and then the next one, and then open up that much of the dress… and keep thinking you are doing this for the pleasure of your lover." Photos are snapped. "Yes that's marvelous. Oh god, you are smoldering. Here, let's stoke that flame a wee bit."

Mike then moved back up to her, and then placed his two fingers on the side of her neck where he had been kissing her. His touch seemed to reignite the feelings of those kisses. Her eyes closed half way. As she enjoyed these sensations, the photographer traced those fingers down her neck, around from the side to the front, and then down further across the top of her sternum and up the rise of her right breast, under the rim of her bra cup, right to the nipple of that breast. His fingers circled her ever hardening nub, sending waves of pleasure through out her entire body. And then at the peak of that sensation he stepped back a took another series of pictures.

"Oooooooh," was all Allison could say. She stayed in that moment of pleasure until is subsided, posing without thinking as she savored the thrill.

Mike gently gave the next instruction, trying not to break the mood, "Next, luv, I want you to bend over and unbutton a few of the bottom buttons… starting had the hem and moving up. This will allow your cleavage to be played to great effect. Then as the dress opens up, this will allow your to display those sexy legs of yours. Get a few of those buttons undone and then lean back again like before, but you'll be able to be expressive with your legs.

Allison did exactly what Mike had instructed. And the whole time she did, she had this very wicked grin on her face. Mike was actually getting turned on by the sensuality that she was now projecting. Of course her magnificent body didn't hurt… Mike was such a push over for the feminine form.

"Like this?", she asked.

"You're doing, baby… you've got it going on. Are you feeling it?"

"Yes I am feeling it, Mike. It feels so good…"

Allison was leaning back, her breasts jutting forth and her left leg lifted high out in front of her. You could see the taunt muscles in her calves and lower thigh.

"Now let work on more of those buttons, honey. Tilt your head down, use both your hand to undo the buttons one by one. Now keeping your head down, look up here into the camera and think about how you are getting naked for this man."

She did, and the picture kept getting taken. In no time, her cute belly was exposed. As the fabric opened up, her navel could be seen. So sexy for such a simple thing. Up above the floral print design of her bra cups could be seen on the parts that had become exposed. And then the top of her panties revealed a matching print, when those buttons had been undone.

"When you get the last button undone," Mike coached, "I want you to let the dress fall open and lets take a bunch of pictures that way. I want you to just show your self off, like you've never done in your life. You're so damn sexy, let it show."

"O.K., I'll try," she said. But by the time the last button was undone, she was once again, feeling the inhibitions and it showed.

Mike looked at this lovely lady, standing there leaning back against a desk in her panties and bra and thigh-high white stockings and black high heels, framed by an open blue dress, and couldn't help but reacted to her natural appeal. He sensed her renewed turmoil, and knew this was not a walk in the park for her: that the inhibitions that dwell deep in most of us were not easily vanquished. It was usually at this point for a first timer that they faced a "make it or break it" juncture. This is the moment when people in their private bedroom lives also make it or break it. This is the moment when the inhibitions win out and everything that follows is pent up, restricted, held back, second guessed, half heartedly performed, and/or run away from, or it is the moment when inhibitions are repulsed, and the self allows it self to enjoy freely its own sexuality.

"Ally, it's o.k. You're alright. Close your eyes and listen." His voice was calming and reassuring.

She closed her eyes.

"There is nothing wrong with what you are doing and feeling. You have every right to be a sexual being. Listen to my voice. Feeling pleasure is not evil. Feeling pleasure is not wrong. It's o.k. to enjoy the pleasures of your body." As he spoke he moved closer to her. "Nod your head."
She nodded.

"Say it. Say it's o.k. to be sexy."

"It's o.k. to be sexy."

"Say, I can give myself permission to enjoy my erotic self."

"I can give….", she faltered.

Mike repeated, "myself permission to enjoy my erotic self."

"myself permission to enjoy my erotic self." Then stronger she said it again, " I can give myself permission to enjoy my erotic self." And again her body relaxed.

As it did, Mike reached out and ran his hand along the front of her upper thigh. He moved upwards and followed the leg up past the top of the stocking, and to the front panel of her panties. He broadened his palm and rubbed the front of her panties, stroking her public mound within. He bent forward and gently pressed his lips to hers.

"Uuuuuuuuaaaaah", she purred.

Mike followed the fabric of her panties downward, curving around her vulva until his fingers were stroking her womanhood. This filled her again with intense waves of pleasure. Involuntarily her legs parted a bit. Here her panties were quite damp.

"Mmmmmmm, yes," she sighed as he continued massaging her between her legs. Then she pressed her lips into his, making for a mutual kiss. She felt her left leg push forward until it made contact with Mike's crotch, confirming what she had hoped as her thigh pressed into a very hard erection hidden in his pants.

It was Mikes turn to moan, "Mmmmmmmmmmm."

Their lips lingered for a bit. And just as hers were beginning to open, Mike pulled away. Allison was once again charged up, and she effortlessly put out all that sexiness for the cameras to capture. Like a seasoned glamour model she played to the lens with total abandonment, sincerely enjoying vamping it up to the max.

"O.K. Drop your dress and let's move over here to the settee to continue."

With a shrug of her shoulders the dress fell back across the desk. She strode over to the settee and then slid onto it.

"Ally, dear, we are going to basically repeat the whole series of disrobement and enticement that we just did with your dress, only this time with your bra and panties. Real easy, before, during, after. Just keep feeling your inner seductress casting her spell on your fantasy man, and letting that mindset show on your face and your body."

Allison nodded and smiled a wicked smile.

"Remember the more turned on you feel the better… it's o.k. to be enjoying this, don't fight the feelings of eroticism."

"O.K. lover boy, you just keep taking the pictures… you think you're hard now, just you wait."

Allison started by taking several seductive poses on the seat as she was. She personified sensuality with her body. The natural light coming in from the windows made her skin glow, and Mike doubted she had ever looked better in her life. He realized that artistically these were going to be gorgeous photos. In the back of his mind, he wondered how much he could get for them from any of the commercial glamour outlets… not that they were for public consumption. He figured they might command a record price, well not as much than say those pictures of MicheleObama he had taken, but they certainly were going to be fantastic pictures.

"Oh I am loving this," Allison purred as she reclined with her legs parted and her breasts pushed forward. "I feel like I am making love." Then she looked directly into the cameras, slyly grinning, and reached around her back for her bra clasp. But then her brows furrowed.

Mike seeing this said, "Your burning it up woman… you're smoldering. I'm so turned on by you."

She smiled and said, "I keep getting stopped by something in my head. But I'm trying."

"Just allow yourself to enjoy this… forget all the prudish nonsense you've been told by a bunch of sexually repressed prunes. Your sex is a good thing, let it loose. And remember what Yoda said…"

"Yoda?", she asked in disbelief with a slight giggle.

"Yes, he said there is no try, there is only do and do not."

"O.K. you sexual Jedi, here come my twin planets," she said quite amused. And with that she unclipped her bra, subsequently pulling it away from her magnificent globes.

"Oh wow, spectacular, Ally. Your breasts are gorgeous! Yes, that's it. Yes, great. You just keep taking different poses, I'm just shooting off… I mean, I'm just shooting pictures." Mike was more than a bit flustered… nice breasts did that to him, and Allison’s were super nice.

"I bet these make you want to shoot off camera man!" Allison couldn't help herself, instinctually sensing Mike's male response to her feminine charms, turned on her seductive drivers. The power she was able to command over the man took control. She felt such a thrill but now instead of recoiling from it, she was embracing it.

"You bet they do. Oh I love your big pink areolas… and your nipples they look so hard. Oh yeah that's it hold them up… yeah.. that's good, pressing them together is good."

"You really like them?" she asked, the lust written all over her face.

"Oh yeah!"

"Come here. Touch them. I want you to feel them. I need to be touched."

Mike put aside his hand held camera and then stepped to her, reaching out both hands. Allison threw back her head, as he made contact with her jutting orbs. He cupped her flesh, and her nipples rubbed against his palms. Then he stroked them both capturing each nipple between a thumb and a forefinger. This allowed him to pinch and tug on the erect nubs. Of course this sent waves of pleasure through Allison's body. She moaned and squirmed. But most of all she smiled.

"Oh god," she exclaimed, " I can feel that all the way through my body… right down into my very core." Then she reached out and grabbed at Mike's crotch. Her hand found its indented target: his cock. His very hard, and from the feel of it, very large cock.

Mike leaned closer. He brought his mouth to her left breast and started kissing on it. He let go of its nipple with his fingers, quickly moving to it with his lips. He kissed the rosy bud, and then he lick it, and then he sucked it into his mouth.

Allison put her free hand around the back of Mike's head and pulled him in tight, while the other hand tightened its squeeze on his rigid shaft. His oral ministration on her left boob was making her melt. Her womanhood was liquefying in such a delightful way. She was aware of wanting so badly to start ripping his clothes off and jumping on that wonderful piece of flesh.

As he dragged his mouth from one breast to the other, she tugged urgently at his cock. She thought she could feel it throbbing even through his pants. More waves of pleasure course through her body… same as before just emanating from her right nipple. God how she wanted him.

Mike though, fought the frenzy. He pulled his mouth away from her delights and commenced to taking pictures of her. He caught her in the cutest little pout that this caused. But she didn't stay mad… she just got determined. Determined to get her way.

Immediately she went for her panties. She coyly stuck her fingers in the waistband and began to pull them off her hips. But ever mindful of the larger task at hand she did not rush this.

"I'm going to do it!' she declared. "I am going to show it all to you, Mike. I'm going to show you my most private and most intimate me."

"I know you are, Sweety. I know you want me to fall to your female power. I can see the lust. You're reveling in the erotic joy of your own sexual self. Let it all show."

She slid the panties down her legs, listening to the clicking of the cameras as she did. When they got down to her ankles she was more than ready to be divested of them. Once she got them totally free of her feet, she held them up like a prize.

"Look at me… I'm naked, and raw, and so aroused."

More pictures were taken and Mike added, "and so very sexy. You're a goddess."

Allison threw her panties across the room and then went back to making with the glamour poses.

"Mike, do men like this?" she asked as she spread he legs wide open and thrust her sex forward.

"You know it, Baby. Show off it off woman, there's nothing sexier."

And show it off she did. Now that her inhibitions were totally cast off, she proved to be a glamour natural.

"Yes… women don't realize this, but male aesthetics revolves totally around the feminine. Woman is man's definition of beauty. And for most men, there's not one inch of a woman that isn't sexually exciting."

"Well get a close up of this," she said as she ran a finger along the folds of her nether lips. "Can you see how wet I am?"

"Oh yeah, no doubt about that. You're glistening."
She then took her fingers and spread herself open. "Is this good? Does it show how turned on I am?"

Mike couldn't help himself. The mouth of her vagina was so alluring. All his mind could think of was sinking himself deep inside that most marvelous of things.

"Oh yeah, that's it… your wet shiny cunny looks so good, looks so hungry…"

"Go ahead Mike. I want you… I want you to touch me there."

Mike looked up from Allison's beckoning "man eater" and into her eyes. He looked right on in to her very soul, searching for verification of her claim. Did she really want him, his eyes implored of hers. And he found his answer, she did… desperately, she did.

Mike once again put down his hand held camera, and then reached out for her most intimate spot.

"Ooooooooh", she moaned as his hand stroked her.

And when he leaned in with his face and began planting kisses on her inner thigh, she thought she was going to die. Two fingers of one hand entered into her moist grotto, while one finger found her clitoris. The combination along with his hot breath on her very sensitive inner thigh caught her by surprise. Moments earlier when he was sucking on her breasts, she didn't think the pleasure could get any bettter. But it did, and the intensity of these new pleasures triggered an orgasm that hit without a hint of its arrival.

Her hips bucked and her body spasmed. "Arrrrrrrrrrr, ooooooooooh," she cried. "Oh my god, I'm cumming, oh I'm cumming." Every muscle in her body tensed up and then turned to jell-o and trembled just like a bowl of the stuff is wont to.

"Aaaaaaaahhhh, oooOOOOOOh. Fuuuuuuuuccckkkk." She stammered as she came.

And then silence and stillness: the tremors ceased almost as fast as they had come. That orgasm was like one big explosion of a climaxing, the likes of which she had never experienced. And though it was very complete, it left her wanting more.

Mike smiled inwardly at his effect, but did not miss a step. He turned his head towards her other thigh and began kissing the soft skin there. As he did, he kept sliding his fingers in and out of her slippery sheath, and stimulating her hard little love button.

"Oh my god. That feels so good."

Mike pause long enough to say, "You haven't felt anything yet."

With that he took his finger away from her clit, replace it with his mouth. Planting a big kiss right dead center over that knob of Eros, and sending her back into orbit. Then his tongue lashed out and he began to lick at the convergence of her fold, while pumping in and out of her opening with those fingers. Licking turned into circular motions, which turned into strong massaging, which turned back into licks.

It was all Allison could do to endure the pleasure assault on her sex. She squirmed and she rocked and she thrust her pelvis all about. Her legs came aground Mike's head and her thighs clamped against his ears and her heels dug into his back. She reached for her own tits, and finding her nipples she commenced to pinching and pulling on them for added thrills. Well until Mike's free hand came up and took control of her left boob.

This time, as she rode the constant waves of pleasure racking her body, she felt the impending orgasm as it approached. Deliciously the feelings collected in her center, and there they grew and grew and grew, like a balloon being inflated with every stroke of Mike's tongue on her clit. She had never experienced this kind of pleasure, and she was loving it. How many times in the past, had she shut down her own enjoyment for the sake of some imagined propriety? Now, some how the erotic photo shoot had released her of all sexual inhibitions… especially the most crippling one, the one that make a person deny their own sexual satisfaction.

She pushed her wet snatch against Mike's tongue getting pleasure visualizing her furry box engulfed by his mouth. His squeezing hand was pumping jolts of pleasure from her breast, that collided all over her body with the jolts of pleasure shooting out of her cunt.

"Oh yeah, eat me big fellow," she enthused. "You're gonna make me cum. Eat me out!"

"Mmm mmm," was his muffled response.

"Oooooh, ooooh god. Yeah, yeah, ooooh," Allison was already going over the edge. Her second orgasm crashed into existence. "AAAAaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr," she wailed as she thrashed about

Mike kept on sucking at her sweet tangy fleshy nub, like a cowboy riding a bucking bull. Up and down her hips rose and fell, and he just kept on making it happen.

No one will ever know how long her climax lasted, because nether of them cared to keep track, once her ecstasy began, they both lost track of time and space. When it was over she was quite amazed… and very hungry for more, more, more.

Mike tried to disengage, and return to taking pictures, but Allison had other plans. As he turned towards her with his camera and began to instruct, "O.k. where were we, I want to capture your…", she slid off the seat onto her knees on the floor right at his feet. She wrapped her arms around his legs, pressing her nakedness against them and grabbing at his ass with both her hands.

"No, not so fast. My turn!," she said.

Then before he could complain she reached his belt and undid it, and then had his pants unsnapped and unzipped and pulled down to his ankles in a blink. Then as he stood there "stunned" she ran her hand along the stiff erection in his briefs. As he was by then transfixed, she wasted no mote time in divesting his hips of that bit of cotton. Bingo, there's what she wanted… his naked cock jutting from his furry loins less than an inch from her face. She licked her lips.

She started to lean in, her glistening ruby lips aimed straight for his delicious looking phallic. But before she could get there Mike's left hand made contact with her forehead, stopping her dead.

"Whoa, there," he exclaimed, "not so fast yourself missy."

Allison tried without luck to just push forward despite Mike's blocking straight arm. When that failed she just look up at him with pleading eyes.

"Grrrrr, why not?"

"I, as an agent of the Lady's Whim, am here to serve your only pleasures. Therefore I am expected to enforce the Lady's Whim code of self discipline. According to our rules, I am not allowed to take advantage of any unfolding of events and do anything for my own gratification."

"O.K. as the client of the Lady's Whim, I hereby explicitly state, that this is something I want for my own gratification. Satisfied?"

"Yes. I believe that is what the client is supposed to say in response if it is their true desire."

"Then, why are you still hold me back?" she asked with a smirk.

Much to Allison's delight, Mike promptly released his hold upon her head. She lunged towards her target with her hungry mouth.

Her soft pillowy lips pressed against the soft crown of his throbbing spear. Her tongue slithered out and wrapped itself all around the head. Special attention was paid to the little slit in very tip. "Mmmmmmm," she said, "I love that special way cock tastes."

"Oooooh, I love that way a woman's mouth feels on my cock," was all Mike could say. Now it was his turn to feel his legs almost buckle.

Ally chuckled to herself and then gave the hot piece of meat a lick from its very base all the way up to the tip. Mike moaned a low moan. Ally lick again, and again, each lick eliciting another moan.

After a half dozen licks, she went back to the head taking the end of cock into her mouth. Once she had him inside she swirled her tongue around and around loving the feel. She also began to pump the rest of his cock with her right hand. The combination of her mouth and hand together had Mike in sheer ecstasy.

Sucking on Mike's tasty tool made Ally even hotter. Her left hand, after making a few cursory caresses of her tits, made its way to her wet snatch. Her fingers felt wonderful as they slid alone her slick nether parts. As she frigged herself, she was surprised just how charged she continued to be. Well, not too surprised, because she knew just how aroused she always got when she sucked cock.

Her left hand down below found and kept the same rhythm as her right hand pumping Mike's shaft, and both hands kept time with her sucking mouth. She was giving Mike the sucking of his life, and having a blast herself while doing it. She didn't know who was going to cum first, but she sensed that either of them would explode at any second.

"Aaaaaarrrrrg!" it was Mike who "arrived" first. As he did, he let out a deep animal growl at the instant of his climax. His hot seed pulsing into Ally's hungry mouth. The warm cream filling her mouth with its one of kind flavor. (Definitely an acquired taste, as they say, but one that she had acquired and come to relish.)

His first blast, and that moan of his, sent a jolt of electricity through her body. It triggered her own impending orgasm, which slammed into her being. Her body trembled and shuttered and his cock kept spurting with each suck and pull on his pole. She jammed her middle finger up into her quivering maw intensifying the wave of pleasure wracking her body. Never had a blow job ever felt so good to give.

Once she milked his balls dry, bringing his climax to an end, Allison wrapped her arms around Mike for support. In her mouth she felt his hardness deflate, returning to its flaccid state. She also felt her own sex calm down. Then she became aware of how good Mike felt, his muscular legs pressed against her nakedness, his butt checks held firmly in her hands. He was still moaning with pleasure, even as she had to let his ever shrinking pud slip from between her lips.

She raised up backwards, sprawling out on the settee that was just behind her. Her arms flew out, and her legs flew out, and her head flew back in a total sprawl. She luxuriated in a post orgasmic high, playfully swishing Mike's jism in her mouth. "Mmmmm", she thought, "how decadent."

Through half open eyes she looked to see pantless Mike snapping picture of her once again. She had to admire his professionalism.

Then with a devilish glint in her eye she opened her mouth to show off her sticky gob of goo. Her face lit up with the biggest grin of the day. And then she closed her mouth and swallowed it all down her throat; smacking her lips when it was gone.

"Oh baby," she cooed, "that was the best orgasm ever. Has anyone ever told you how good your cock tastes?"

"The pleasure was all mine… believe me." Mike replied snapping more pictures of her sprawled out and glowing from all the orgasms she had just had.

"And has anyone ever told you how sexy you look with your pants down around your ankles, and your man stuff just out there on display?" she continued. "How sexy is your cock and balls?"

"Well, no, that is a first." Mike truthfully answered, his cock feeling a surge back towards turgidness. "Thank-you."

"Oh your welcome, lover. You've got me feeling so good, I can't wait for more."

"Well here, let me help you up," he said as he extended his hand, "I think we need to move to a new location."

She threw her arms in front of herself and took his hand. Then she came to her feet as Mike pulled her up. In one smooth move she pressed herself in to him. Her arms went around his neck and she pressed her boobs into his chest and her pubic mound against his naked loins.

"What do you have in mind?" she asked, and then before he could answer she pressed her lips to his. The taste and feel of his semen was very much still on her lips, but Mike didn't mind. On the contrary he found it to be extremely erotic, for it was a tangible reminder of the intimacy they had just shared. They stood there kissing each other open mouthed and full of passion for who knows how many minutes. Until…

…at last he broke the kiss and said, "I think we should move to the bedroom."

She kissed him some more before saying, "Just what I was thinking."

Mike was impressed when Allison ushered him into the bedroom. The room was spectacular, the epitome of sumptuousness. In the center a huge king size bed, bedecked with fat pillows. There was almost a whole wall of windows that must have been overlooking the garden and pool in the backyard. On the floor a very thick carpet, perfect for walking barefoot on. In the corner there was even a fireplace. The walls were painted a pale yellow, and bordered by floral print. A room so sensual, it was an affront to think of it going unused for sex. Unbeknownst to either Mike or Allison, they were both thinking that that problem would soon be remedied.

Allison, who had thrown on a robe to make her way through the house, flopped herself onto the bed, to wait and watch as Mike (his pants back on), went to work setting up his remote control cameras. As she watched, she mentally undressed Mike, taking great pleasure in mind. Absentmindedly she let her hands play along her outstretched body, stroking a breast here, or an inner thigh there. She was feeling so excited and uninhibited, that she scarcely noticed when her furry muff was exposed, or a tit would be uncovered. But Mike noticed, and her nonchalant playing with herself was getting him quite turned on.

But then, she did something that was very enticing. She kicked off her heels, and then proceeded to peel off her stockings. First one and then the other, doing so with excruciating sensuality. Mike had a hard time keeping busy with the setup, wanting instead to just stare at the show Ally put on. And she knew what effect she had on him, because every time her eyes met his, she gave him a wink.

"O.K. you heavenly thing you," Mike finally announced, "it's time to start taking pictures again."

"How do you want me?" Allison asked, deliberately playing with the double entendre.

"Let's just start right where you are… doing exactly what you've been doing." Mike answered ignoring her come on. Of course in his mind he was dying to give her what she was asking for.

Allison nodded with an, "O.K."

She began posing. Now she needed no guidance. She just played for the camera, and Mike. Sly smiles, pouts, big grin, knowing looks, smoldering sensuality, perky cuteness; she ran the gamut. The robe did not last long, Allison had gotten so relaxed that she now did better when completely naked. So off went the robe, and she just frolicked on the bed in her total glory.

Who knows how many shots were taken before she just stopped.

"Oh, Mike… this is hard," she explained. "I think we need you to do your little tricks again.

"Tricks?" Mike asked.

"Yeah, you know, like kissing my neck and ears. Sucking on a nipple. Rubbing my pussy."

"Oh those tricks. Those aren't tricks… those are… methods… proven methods."

"I don't care what you call them, sweety, I just think it would help if you did some of them."

Mike thought about it for a second, but said, "I don't know if they work more than once a session."

"Ohhhh," she said, "I guess I understand. I just want to do more, but I need some help."

"Well what do you think might help you?"

"I've got an idea… I think we need to trade roles."

"Huh? How is that going to…."

She didn't wait for him to finish his question, but leaped off the bed right at him. She snatched up the camera and spun Mike around. She pushed him back towards the bed and exclaimed, "Start getting undressed."

Mike put up no resistance. He merely began to do as she wished, but unbuttoning the two buttoned buttons in his shirt.

"Ah role reversal, that's a commendable method," he said. "Here toss me the camera so I can capture that determined look on your face."

"Ha, ha," she giggled, "not so fast. It's my turn to take the shots. Now keep stripping, mister."

Mike, conceding defeat, pulled the polo shirt up and off his torso. Ally felt herself swoon over his good looking hard body. His abs were tight, and his chest look strong. Her nipples turned hard again all of a sudden.

"Nice, baby, " she cooed imitating the motivational patter of glamour photographer. "Now give it to me, give me your sexiness, you hot hunk you. Oh yeah, that's it, mamma loves it."

She then moved in close to him. With the cameras in her right hand, she reached around his head with her left. Pulling him close she captured his left ear lobe between her lips. Then she stuck out her tongue into his ear, finishing off by licking a trail half way down his neck.

"Undo your pants, " she whispered in to his ear.

The camera clicked away as he removed the last of his clothes. It was so exciting to her to photograph him getting and being naked, that she was surprised at how horny it made her. The longer she focused on his naked body the more she wanted him.

And of course what was really exciting was that cock of his. When he peeled his pants down, freeing it took her breath away. She sucked in a sudden breath of air to keep from passing out. Apparently that kiss of hers to his ear had spurred his manhood to full erection. And so when free his fleshy column raved around like pine tree in the wind. A big fat pine tree.

"Oh yeah, you've go the goods," she enthused. "You're making my mouth water with that monster of yours. That's it, yeah, the camera loves you. Oh a cock like that, make more than my mouth water."

She moved in close and took some tight shots of his maleness. She filled the view finder with his swollen peach colored rod, and the ball sack hanging from its base. The veins just under the surface along its length were deep purple and she swore she saw them pulsing. The head of his cock had also taken on a deeper hue of purple from the blood that was trapped inside making him turgid.

She ran her hand across his chest, mimicking how he had done the same to her, being sure to stroke his little man nipples. She giggled when this make his cock jump. She thought about how much she was going to enjoy looking at these pictures days and weeks later, remember how hot she was when she took them.

Next, she let her free hand run the length of his body, making him moan some more. She traced along his ribs, and then his obliques, and then to his twitching manhood. He must have been dying for it to be touched because he let out a sigh of relief when her fingers made contact.

It felt hot to her touch, and when she squeezed it, it felt like stone. Her fingers wrapped around it and it felt good in her grasp, solid and heavy... like a small club. Touching it made her imagine how it would feel inside her. The feel of it made places deep inside her womb contract with pleasure. All of a sudden all her mind could think of was how good that hunk of meat would feel buried inside her. But, paradoxically at the same time the satiny softness of its skin made her want to kiss it. Too bad she thought, there wasn't any way to suck it and ride it at the same time…

Oh well, she decided she would just have to do one thing at a time. But first, before doing either, she snapped off a couple of pictures of that very male cock being held in her very feminine hand. What an erotic juxtaposition of made and female.

That gave her an idea. She leaned in and planted a kiss on his shaft with her freshly reapplied lipstick. Perfect, a perfect lip print was left just like she thought it would be. Snap, snap… Mike's cock with her branding.

"Now, scoot back on to the center of the bed."

"Yes, ma'am," he replied with a happy grin. "Take all the pictures you want."

"Oh I'm done taking pictures… you know what I mean?"

As Mike scooted back on the bed, Allison gently set the camera down. She then preceded to "crawl" up onto the bed. Continuing on her hands and knees, catlike, she approached her prize. As she reached his knees she bent her head and gave his right one a kiss. She felt her nipple rub up against his calf as she bent down. Electricity flowed through her body from that point of contact, and she wondered how it felt to him. The kiss she gave was a soft full lip kiss, very wet and very erotic. She then crossed over to his left leg and kissed that knee.

Her mouth then moved up his thigh. She went right up to his thigh making a bee-line for his unprotected privates. She left a trail of kisses spaced one inch apart, each of them hot and wet against his skin. In addition to the sensations of her mouth, both lips and tongue, there was the delightful feeling of her full breasts and hard nipples tracing along his legs. It was delicious torture he thought to himself. He thought he knew where she was heading, but at the last moment she veered off, leaving his most sensitive parts alone, going instead to the spot were his legs joined his body.

At that juncture on his body, her kisses there had a powerful effect on Mike's being. This was one of his most erogenous spots on his body, and he could hardly stand more that a few kisses and licks there.

"Ohhhh, aaaahhhh," he cried, "it's too much, I can't, ooooh."

"Mmmmm," she purred back.

Relenting, she moved on kissing more as she continued moving up his body. She loved the his pulsing cock felt against her dangling boobs as she kissed him on his belly button. She drove her tongue into his button and made a circle around its circumference. From there her next stop was his nipples. As she held herself above his body she began a veritable feasting on his tiny nubs. By the moans and his wiggling, she knew he was experiencing nothing but pleasure. This made his cock jump and thwap against her mons venus which felt so good to her. It made her think about how good that would feel buried deep inside her.

When she thought he couldn't stand much more of her torments, she moved up to his mouth and commenced with osculation. Her lips met his, and their mouths opened and their tongue found each other and it was fantastic. She lowered her whole boy against his and poured herself into the kiss. He was a great kisser and so was she, and so together they lost themselves in their mutual mastery of the art. His arms wrapped around her and his hand found their way up and down her backside. And that pulsing cock of his got pinned between his belly and hers and it felt absolutely marvelous to Ally pulsing against her skin.

She broke her mouth away from his. "I've got to have you," she declared. As if her words weren't enough to express her desire, she rocked her hips in a most salacious manner.

She reached a hand down between their bodies and found his rigid staff. Deftly she positioned it so that the head rested at the opening of her love tunnel. The crown felt so good nestled at cusp of her sex… but she knew the feelings where only going to get better.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned as she eased her self down slowly. The head doing its job, spreading her open and apart, allowing for his full length to follow. The feelings where so good, in her mind, there was nothing that came close to feeling so fantastic.

"Ooooooh," Mike moaned. Apparently he too enjoyed the sensations of initial entry.

As soon as she could feel him reach "bottom", Ally contracted her pelvis drawing her self back off the delightful invader. Then when it was just about to be completely withdrawn, she reversed direction and plunged herself right back down on it.

"Uuuum!" she grunted with pleasure.

"Ahhhh," he answered in agreement.

She repeated the motions; first pulling off, then pushing back down on. And then again, off and then on. Each time the two steps were repeated, she picked up the speed a bit; both the speed of the sliding, and the speed in between directional shifts, a little faster each time around. After just a few strokes she found that she needed to balance herself with her arms on his shoulders. And then in about a dozen more strokes, she reached a steady rhythm, of in and out, in and out. Her body responding to ancient biology that reached back through time, had found the most basic of physiological programming. She lost herself in the deliciousness of the sensations her body moving against his created.

O.K. it isn't a pretty word, but the most accurate word for the motions her body was following was humping. Happily, ecstatically, whole heartedly humping his cock with her entire being. Onward and onward she rode him. Grinding herself as completely as she could with each down stroke. Pulling her sheath off his rod on the up stroke. Hard hot wet flesh sliding in and out of soft hot wet flesh. And with each stroke waves of pleasure flowing through her being. Pleasure that built stronger and stronger with every cycle. Building until…

"Aaarrrrrrggg," she screamed as her body was taken by orgasm. "Ooooooooooh, ooohhh, oooohh," she sang her song of erotic rapture. Deep inside her, her insides contracted and relaxed and contracted and relaxed in the waves of climaxing. Her brain and body flooded with a release of endorphins. The pleasurable jolts of cumming kept on happening as she kept on impelling herself on Mike's fabulous organ.

And speaking of Mike, Ally's climax was the tipping point for his own build up. Never in his life had he experienced such an erotic event as he was now experiencing.

"Uuuuuuuuummmmph," he groaned, "I'm cuuuummmminnng!" and with that his cock erupted deep inside the climatic furry that was Ally's orgasm. With each pump of the conjoined parts he shot another volley of his hot cream into her. Blast after blast until his reservoir was drained.

They finished at just about the same time. She flopping down on his chest, her breast delightfully crushing against him, and he wrapping his arms around her, holding close. They lay there without motion, the feelings of holding each other in the wake of the ecstasy they had just experience, making them both wish to never have to separate. Just laying there together connected cling to each other, feeling the bliss.

Mike looked into her eyes. "Hand me the camera," he gently asked.

Allison reached over and retrieved the camera and handed it to Mike.

"I want to capture the beauty that is lighting your face right now."

Ally knew what he wanted, and she lifted herself up off him.

He followed her body as she reached over to where the camera had ended up. He liked the way her breasts looked hanging down, and the curve of her hips and the line of her legs. This woman's body was so good that it seemed like there wasn't a single bad angel to which to view it.

She handed him the camera, and he immediately began snapping shots. She didn't know it, but he worked the camera to capture details of her up close, and also pulling back with the telephoto to get all of her in the frame. She had the most blissful look, that post orgasm look, upon her face.

After what seemed like a long time, she grabbed the camera from him, saying, "My turn."

Then she preceded to do the very same to him. For some reason she found his defeated and flaccid cock particularly interesting. Very artistic nude study, she thought to herself.

Mike put up with this and posed for her for a while. He was done, and had gotten the shots of her that would fulfill her request, and this was digital so it didn't cost anything, and it was very flattering to be the subject of her interest in this way. So he let her take her shots.

But finally he called it quits. He just got up off the bed and declared that it was time for him to go. It would do to be here when her husband returned. The servants could be trusted to not mention his visit, but his actual presence might be hard to explain.

So he dressed and packed his gear, and she kept taking pictures, so the last thing he got was his camera itself. She was still naked as he bent down and gave her a tender kiss.

"I hate to go, but I must," he said.

"Come back any time," she invited.

"Hmmmmmm," he sighed as he turned, still drinking in her loveliness. "I'll send you a flash drive with your photos, in a day or two… I'll go through them and send only the best.
"Be sure to send me some of those of you," she called out hopefully.


Two days later, a small box came by way of courier to Allison's door. She raced into her private office to open the box. She trembled with excitement as she open the little box. There inside was a flash drive. She plugged into her computer's USB port, and in a second a slideshow started showing her the contents of the drive… there on the screen her naked form danced on the monitor. The shots were spectacular, but there was something of a surprise… every single one of them were shots of her AND Mike's bodies together. They were all the shots of them having sex, and none of her alone. They were very artistic, and very erotic, to say the least. Shots of him and her wrapped around each other, shots of her going down on his cock. Shots of his cock between her lips. Shots of them fucking too. Clear views of them "in congress" as they say. Amazingly arousing pictures of him deep inside of her. Somehow he got close ups showing her pussy stretched and filled with him manhood. Then shots of him going down on her. One very interesting picture of his tongue spread wide as her lapped at her clit. She remembered taking that one. Then the shots of climaxes and orgasms. Had they really shared that many that afternoon. They were the hottest pictures of all. Every ounce of joy was quite visible in these pictures. Classics every one of them. Mike really was an artistic genius.

At least a hundred pictures, and not one of them just of her in a playmate pose. What she wondered had happened to the other pictures? These were hardly the kind of pictures she had imagined sharing with her online paramours. What a trick… he had fulfilled his contract, but not given her what she was after. What was his game, she wondered.

And then with the last picture still on the screen, a message rolled up that said, "Allison, you wanted pictures that showed you sexual beauty. I submit that these show that to the greatest extend that your sexual self can be expressed. I want you to remember how sexual you can be. When (and if) you share these images with someone, they will really appreciate how special your sexuality is. These are much better than any plain old nudes, don't you agree. Mike, for the Lady's Whim.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cumming Attraction

I am working on a long story about a trip to Fantasy Fest in Key West Florida...

Stay tuned:

Thursday, January 26, 2006


With trebling hands you pick up the phone and dial 'The Lady's Whim.'

"Hello," a deep gentle Male voice answers, "The Lady's Whim."

"Hello, ummm mmmm. My name is Liza, mmmm ummm," you find it hard to speak as your heart races, pounding harder than it ever has.

"Hi, Liza, no need to be nervous. Speaking for our firm, we're glad you've called." His soothing voice immediately calms you down. "Just take a few deep breaths and imagine a fur mitten being rubbed all over your back," the voice continued.

Ah, you think to yourself, feeling much better.

"I got your number from a friend, she said that I deserved a treat for myself and that you guys were the perfect indulgence."

"It's good to hear from a satisfied customer, can I have her name so that she can have a 50% discount on her next whim?"

"Her name is Tricia, Tricia Smith."

"Ah Tricia, yes it's no wonder she is spreading the word. She is one of our most appreciative clients. So what whim would you like?"

The sound of that question fills you with power, and it turns you on. You can feel your womanhood respond; tingling and getting moist. "Well, I really am feeling tense, so I thought the massage and hot bath treatment would be great."

"Fine, excellent first time choice."

"At 10:00 am this morning?" Your nipples harden with excitement knowing that this is really going to happen.

"If that be your whim."

"It is," you say feeling bolder and bolder. "But I want two attendants."

"Ah....two then it will be.....Please wait while I place your order in the computer.....Confirmed, massage and hot bath at 10:00 AM and your attendants are... oh darn, I have to send you two Steves, that won't be a problem will it?"

"No not at all, I'll just call them Steve-1 and Steve-2."

"Very well, now I just need your address...."

It seems like forever, but at last it is 10:00. Right on time the doorbell rings. Your heart races with the expectation of what is now going to happen. You run through the house, unable to contain your excitement. Once you get to the door, you pause to check your appearance in the full-length mirror in the foyer. Your makeup looks perfect, and your hair is up in a loose bun. You pull the zipper of your one piece jump suit down a bit, just enough to let a little swell of your breasts show. You take pride in your drop dead figure. The bell rings again and you turn to the door.

Slowly you open the heavy front door. On the other side your eyes are met by a vision of sheer joy. Two men, appearing to be in their young 20's, stand there with polite smiles. Your eyes quickly scan them up and down. They are good looking, clean cut, hard body types. They are wearing the traditional garb of masseuses, white pants, white T-shirts, and white socks and sneakers. You can't help yourself and you take a quick glance at their substantial crotch bulges.

"Hi, Liza?" asks the one closest to you.

"Oh, yes, you've found the right house," you answer realizing that you might have been staring just a little too long.

"Hi, I'm Steve...from The Lady's Whim."

"And I'm Steve too," says the other.

You swing the door open wide, and sweep your arm bidding them enter. "I'm so glad you're here. Come on in."

As they walk past you, they take a good look at you, even as you are still checking out their equipment. They both seem to have nice buns. "Can I get you two anything?" you ask politely.

"Why thank-you ma'am, but no thanks. Remember, we're here for your pleasure."

"Oh, right...I like the sound of that. Where would you like to set up?"

"For the massage and hot bath, we're usually close to the best bath. The master bedroom?"

"O.K. follow me." You feel absolutely decadent as you lead these two studs through the house to your bed room. You imagine that you can feel their eyes on your ass as it sways seductively in front of them. Your nipples are hard, and you can feel yourself getting wet. You still are having trouble believing what your doing.

When you get to the bedroom, Steve-1 and Steve-2 start to work, setting up their folded massage table, putting out bottles of lotions and oils. You are amazed at the efficiency of the motions, not a move is wasted. When they are done, you ask, "What happens next."

"Well, we'll start with your massage and then finish with the hot bath. So if you'd like to prepare yourself for the massage."

You stand, and your hand reaches for the zipper pull tab. For some reason you're frozen by a wave of 'stage fright'. A nervous grin breaks across your face.

"I might suggest that you might fell more comfortable retreating to the bath and returning wrapped in a bath towel," suggests Steve-2.

"Good idea," you say as you head for the bath, "I'm kinda a bit shy all of a sudden."

"Not to worry, ma'am, happens to most first timers," reassures Steve-1.

You close the door behind you, and then take a deep big breath. Your heart is pounding fast. But you concentrate on composing yourself, and soon your heart slows down. You quickly pull the zipper open. Then you peal the jump suit off your shoulders. Out pop your large but firm breasts. You catch sight of them in the mirror, and you wish you had had the nerve to have stripped in front of Steve and Steve, just so that you could have seen their reactions to these beauties. Your heart might not be racing, but your erect nipples show that you're still plenty excited. Without thinking you give them both a tweak between each thumb and finger.

Down to the floor drops the rest of the suit, as you step out of each leg. Completely nude, you wonder how wet you are, and so you reach down and slide a finger along your slit. Oh, you are very wet indeed. Mmmm, that finger felt good. Quickly you reach for a towel and wrap it around you. Taking another deep breath you open the door and enter the bedroom.

"Ready," asks Steve-1.

"Yes," you reply.

"Hop up here and lay down on your back," says Steve-1.

You do so, leaving your towel wrapped around you. As soon as you are settled the massage starts. Gently Steve-1 begins with a facial massage, while Steve-2 attends to your feet. Both sets of hands are strong but gentle, obviously these guys know what they are doing. Steve-1's hands slowly work on your face. He uses his thumbs and fingers to soothe every muscle in your face. Meanwhile Steve-2 is using much more force but just as much care as he massages your feet. It's hard to decide what feels better, Steve at your face, or Steve at your feet. Inwardly, you giggle at the thought that this whole morning could be spent in a similar such dilemma: who is better?

Soon, your whole face has been masterfully massaged and caressed, likewise each foot has been done. To yourself you think that these guys have already earned their pay. Then, just when you thought things couldn't get better, Steve-1 bends down over your face and ever so lightly kisses your closed eye lids. While at almost the same time, Steve-2 kisses the bottom of your right foot. "Mmmmm..." you purr. Steve-1 starts placing butterfly kisses all over your face, and Steve-2 is busy with his mouth all over your feet. Oh, you feel like you're in heaven. You feel a blush come over your body. Your nipples harden against your towel wrap, and deep in your pussy a tingling of sexual arousal begins.

As Steve-2 kisses one foot and then the other, back and forth, your legs spread slightly apart. You can feel the cool air against your neither lips, and you wonder if Steve-2 is peering up your out stretched legs, catching glimpses of your furry bush. You hope he is, and even as you are hoping this, you can feel the petals of your flower unfolding. "God," you think to yourself, "this is so exciting, and we've only just begun."

Then Steve-1's lips lightly brush against your lips, and involuntarily yours kiss back. This changes his tactic, and he kisses your mouth again, this time a little firmer. Your lips offer up to his a soft but equally firm kiss in return. Kiss follows kiss and soon your lips and Steve-1's are dancing together. The skin of your lips clinging together; the contact not being broken even between kisses. This feels so sweet to you, and the pleasure flows through your body, into your yearning breasts and then onward straight into your loins. Here the pleasures from your lips are met by the pleasure flowing up your legs from your feet where Steve-2 is busy sucking every toe. This confluence of sexual energies combines explosively deep in your cunt. And you ride wave after wave of pleasure with only the slightest outward sign of the tempest between your legs. Only the faintest grinding motion could be detected.

You want more, and you want it now. So you let your lips part, and send your tongue on a mission into Steve-1's mouth to find his tongue and make it your slave. And at the same time you bring your left leg up, drawing the heel of that foot to the bottom of your butt. You can feel the towel slide up and you know that without a doubt your pulsating pussy is quite visible to Steve-2. And, as if acting on a cue, Steve-2's mouth begins to kiss its way up your right leg. Like a flame calls a moth, the sight of a woman's pussy summons a man.

Steve-2 makes his way slowly up your leg. Kissing the front of your calf, then the back of it. He even nibbles a slight bit on your flesh. Currents of pleasure course up your leg into your pussy. It feels terrific.

Meanwhile, Steve-1's and your tongues have been meeting each other, in that way that only tongues know how to greet. A little rubbing together here, a little pushing at each other there, a whole lot of slithering and sliding. Your tongues play chase, his tongue follows yours into your mouth, and then yours follows his back into his mouth. Steve-2 has now reached your knee. His lips feel incredibly soft. He hits a particular spot and the jolt of pleasure nearly makes you swallow Steve-1's tongue as you suck in hard in response.

All Steve-1 does is break the kiss and chuckle. When he returns to kissing he starts with your chin. He kisses a trail of little pecks along your jaw bone, towards your ear. Every kiss feels more erotic than the last. The pleasure runs down to your breasts, and collides in your nipples. Steve-2 is now kissing your inner thigh, your upper inner thigh. And this is just pouring pleasure into your cunt. You can feel yourself fully open, your lips swelled to full bloom. The cool air makes you aware of the moisture leaking from deep inside. Your hips are slightly bucking up and down, instinctual they move to the primal rhythm.

Steve-1 has at last reached your ear lob, and he is sucking on it, and flicking it with his tongue. Usually you find this too intense to stand, but somehow the actions of Steve-2 on your thighs, balances the sensations out and you are able to ride the pleasure in all its intensity. Steve-2 switches over to your other thigh. He laps at it with a tongue that paints long trails from your knee to the edge of your bush. You can hear him inhale your fragrance every time his nose gets close. You hear him sigh a sigh of approval with each whiff, and you are thrilled to know you smell good to him.

Steve-1 abandons your ear, and moves along down your chest on to your left breast. His hands have been here for a while massaging both breasts preparing the way. But now his mouth has arrived to do its thing. You shutter as his hot breath closes over your elongated nipple and he sucks the end of your tit into his hot, wet mouth.

You let out a cry. Your cunt pulses nearly cumming. You wish that Steve-2 would quit his teasing and devour your pussy NOW! But he denies you such relief. Instead he adds to your agitation by ever so slightly licking the length of your slit. You feel his tongue as it moves along your glistening lips, ending with a stroke to your clit. You push your pubes outward with desire to increase the contact but skillfully he darts away.

"Ohhhhh," you moan in tortured ecstasy.

Steve-1 puts his tongue in overdrive, flicking it rapidly against your nipple. This move caught you by surprise and the sensations of him and the other Steve combine to push you over the edge of climax. Your cunt clamps down hard and spasms of orgasm rip though your body. You moan, you scream, you cry out with joy.

Your senses seem to blackout, and then slowly you come back down to earth. Somehow you are no longer on your back, instead you are on your tummy. Steve-1 and Steve-2 are busy massaging your backside as if nothing had happened. You wonder if it had been a dream. Your mind tries to reconcile the events and circumstances. Steve-1 is working his strong hand on the big muscle groups in your back, Steve-2 is working on the muscles in the backs of your legs. Everything seems calm enough. But then you realize your towel is gone, and that you are completely naked. Further more, as your legs are apart, you realize that your pussy must be gaping open for all to see. You can feel copious amount of pussy juice flowing from your hole, and you realize that you did indeed just cum.

"Steve?" you ask just having to be sure, "Did I..."

"Oh, yes, ma'am, I do believe you did. Would you like to comment on it?"

"Oh, boys, it was, you were, fantastic."

"Good," they both reply in stereo.

"Oooo, I want more," you purr....
The muscles in your back are like putty in Steve-1's hands. His strong fingers manipulate your back with great effect. He works on your shoulders first. There's a moment of pain every now and then as the tension is released. Meanwhile, Steve-2 is making long stokes on your calves. It all feels so wonderful, and you are taken away from your earthly cares by their heavenly work.

"Mmmmmmm," you sigh, "mmmmmmmmmmmmm."

Steve-1 is now working your shoulder blades with his finger tips. And Steve-2 is now working on your other calf. For a moment Steve-2 hands leave your leg, and you hear a slight rustling sound. You peek an eye open and catch sight of him pulling his T-shirt off his torso. He looks absolutely delicious to you, and you feel your pussy come back to life with a strong throb. Even though you know the ground rule is that they are here to please you, the sight of his naked chest makes you want to run your tongue all over his skin.

Steve-2 lifts your right foot bending it at the knee. He lays your lower leg against his chest, and supporting it so begins to massage it some more. Doing this has opened your legs up some more, and you can feel cool air blowing on your womanhood.

Steve-1 is now working on your lower back. He is working on a spot that had been bothering you for days, and it feels just great. You feel totally relaxed, which you find amazing considering you are bare assed naked with these two hunks running their hands all over your flesh. It's amazing how fast you got over your initial shyness. Tricia was right, this really is great.

Steve-2 is done with your lower legs, and now moves to the side of the table. He begins to stroke the back of your left thigh. His fingers are moving fast and his touch goes deep into the large muscle group of your upper leg. This feels really good. It even feels sensual, as tiny pulses of pleasure flow to your muff.

Steve-1 having finished your back turns to get some more oil. Before he does, he removes his shirt. Casually you turn your head in an effort to get a good look at him. He pours more oil in to his palms, and turns. You snap your eyes shut, trying to act cool, and so you are surprised when his hands firmly grab your buns. Detonating an explosion of pleasure in your ass, Steve-1 has surprised you. He begins to massage your butt and it feels absolutely marvelous. With big movements he works your glutes to maximum effect. You can feel your pussy flow with excitement as the pleasure waves keep coming.

Steve-2's hands are now on your right thigh, and his actions only add to Steve-1's. His fingers are rubbing the sensitive part of your inner leg. This is really great! Your pussy is hungry and is craving something to fill it, something that it can clamp down on. And then wish comes true. Steve-2's fingers wander off your thigh and find the lips of your cunt. With Steve-1 rubbing and rubbing your cheeks Steve-2 gently strokes your now very wet slit. This makes you moan with pleasure, and your hips wriggle a bit.

You crank your head around trying to see what's going on, but it is no use. There is no way to see what's going on down there. Oh well, you think, might as well just enjoy the ride.

And even as you say that, Steve-2 stops stroking your slit, and gets serious. He slowly works his thumb into your vagina while his index finger reaches around your puffy mound and finds your clit. The pleasure is incredible, his finger begins a wonderful circular pattern around your clit. Your hips begin to grind in sync to take full advantage of his finger. The thumb pushing in and pulling out and the finger working your clit, two hands massaging your ass; you are in a state of rapture. All of a sudden you are aware of your tits pressed into the massage table, as waves of pleasure move out from your clit through out your body. You can feel your flesh blush, and your nipples harden.

Your pelvis is really moving now, you're thrusting back to engulf as much of Steve's thumb as possible, and then you pull back off of it hard, to get a good stroke on your clit with his finger. You can't stand to lay flat on your tummy anymore, your desire to grind is too great! You use your arms to lift up your chest. Then in a second motion you pull back up on your knees. Steve-2's hand never leaves your juicy snatch, and he doesn't miss a stroke. Steve-1 however pulls his hands down off your ass, and traces them over your hips around your waist and up to your dangling mams. He uses a milking motion on both your breasts, that send waves of pleasure into the pulsing torrent in your loins.

You are suddenly on the edge of climax. It is there just around the corner. You want so badly to leap into a mind shattering orgasm. Steve-1 is still working your tits, his finger gently tweaking your nipples with every stroke of boob. And Steve-2 is furiously pumping your hole and pleasuring your clit. You are moaning nonsense, just a lot of uh, uh, mmmmm, ohhh ohhh. A veritable song of sex.

"I want to cum!" you scream.

"Cum! Cum! Cum!" the Steves begin to chant.

Steve-2 takes his other hand and replaces the thumb of the first hand with two fingers of this one. They reach much deeper into your cunt and they slide in and out in much longer strokes. This is what you needed! You turn your head and Steve-1 meets your mouth with his and your tongues collide. You explode! Your climax cums at last, and you are swept away. Your pussy clamps tightly on the two fingers buried in it. Your clit throbs and throbs, and your mouth devours Steve-1's mouth. Your muscles give way and you crash from your hands and knees position, first on to your side, and then rolling over onto your back. Both Steves try hard to maintain their contact, and so the waves of pleasure continue uninterrupted. Then moments later, as your orgasm slowly subsides, the Steve's disengage themselves...

"More, more," you cry, "don't stop now."

You can't believe you're so worked up. You've just had one of the best cums of your life, and yet you're still aroused, and craving more. It must be years of pent up frustrations coming to head, you rationalize. Either that, or you've just discovered how much you love good sex.

Without a word these Adonises answer your request by unsnapping their pant, drawing down their zippers, and then peeling off their pants. You are surprised to see that for underwear they aren't wearing boxers, and they aren't wearing briefs, but instead they both are wearing a white g-string jock. These sacks of goodness look both massive and overstuffed. And their naked buns look great, set off by the white strap dividing the globes.

You reach up for Steve-1, and grab him around the ass. Your hands firmly squeeze his butt as you pull his groin to your face. With total abandon you nuzzle the contents of the soft cotton pouch. You can feel his cock stiffen inside in response to your actions. You inhale deeply his musky man scent and it makes your pussy pulse with lusty desire.

But it does not have to pulse on emptiness long. Steve-2, who you notice out the corner of your eye, is completely naked, hard-on erotically thrusting from his furry loins, effortlessly slides two fingers into your drenched honey pot. Hmmmmm, how good it feels to clamp down around something hard you think.

The Steves, working in silent unison, turn you over on to your back. Steve-2's fingers just spin within you as you turn, sending waves of pleasure through your aroused body. Steve-1 step forward, and you find your up turned face under his bulging stones. You take hold of the g-string and pull it down, releasing a glorious erection that bobs up and down until coming to rest. Further you pull, until his balls are freed. Your eager tongue lances out and you take a lick along the penal ridge that divides the two sides of his scrotum.

Mmmmmmm, you like the way this man tastes, and you love the way his ball sack feels to your tongue, with all of its tiny bumpy ridges. You can hardly wait to take each ball, in turn, into your mouth, and play with it with your tongue. Steve-1 stands above you, content to let you snack away on his jewels forever if need be.

But Steve-2 is not so passive. He and your pussy have their own game going. His fingers are fucking you with a steady rhythm, and his tongue is running an obstacle course around your womanhood. It twists along this fold, and that lip, it dips in here, and it slides along there, and every once and a while it finds your clit. It plays tags with it, and then tongue hugs it, and then just as you begin squirming and humping, it darts off cruising the terrain of your cunt. If feels marvelous, and the better it feels, the better you suck on Steve-1's balls. It's like the pleasure from your cunt is releasing a 'giving impulse' that you lavish on Steve-1's balls.

And Steve-1 couldn't be happier with the arrangement. From his vantage point, towering above you, he can see it all. He knows when Steve-2 is at your clit, he can see how fast his fingers are moving in and out, he can see your pelvis rise and fall with instinctual excitement. Watching all this, he decides that he should at least do something, so he reaches down and cups your breasts, lifting them against the pull of gravity. His fingers tweak your erect nipples, and send streams of electricity to your clit.

Steve-2's tongue completes its rounds and returns to the sexual crown of your clit. This time he does not tease it, instead he lavishes it with his lips and tongue. Together, Steve-1's hands, and Steve-2's mouth send you over the edge. You are sucking hard on Steve-1' balls, and thinking you might lose total control you release them. You moan and groan, and mumble loudly as your climax starts, the pounding waves of orgasm toss your body about. You scream, "God yes, god yes, oh yes yes."

"I love it, I love it!" you say even as minor orgasms are still cumming. "Now fuck me with your cocks, I want to be filled by your nice big cocks!"
"Well you'll have to pick which of us you want first, ma'am," says Steve-1.

"OK! Steve-2, come on up here, so I can compare."

Steve-2 obeys and comes to the head of the massage table. There before your eyes are two of the nicest cocks you have ever seen. They are almost identical. They both look long and thick. They both are crowned by swollen heads, that by definition erotic. You can see them both throbbing from the blood that engorges them. Back and forth you study them. Looking at them, and projecting what each one is going to feel like to the insides of your twat, makes you tingle with arousal.

"It's too hard to pick," you say, "to hard to pick a prick." You delight in the thrill of getting to verbalize your wantonness. "Hmmmm, let me see if my mouth can help me choose." You know that what you have just thought of has nothing to do with which cock to fuck first, but then you don't care, it's just an excuse to run your mouth all over these yummy looking cocks.

You pull Steve-2's cock downward, and run your tongue along the length of the underside ridge. Mmmmmm, it tastes as good as it looked. You continue sliding your tongue back and forth, soaking up as much flavor as you can. You try to curl your tongue around this shaft. You hear Steve-2 let out a soft moan of delight, and you think to yourself how good you must be doing. Well enough of the shaft you think, now let's try the head. And your tongue glides up the shaft and pounces, (if you can really call it pouncing), on the soft pillowy head. Your tongue plays with the slit at the tip, trying to penetrate the hole. The head of his cock feels terrific to your mouth, it electrifies your lips. Instinctively you make gentle sucks on this spongy flesh.

And then, pop, you let this meat stick go. Turning quickly to Steve-1's one-eyed pocket snake. You engulf as much of it as you can with one 'bite'. Your tongue swirls around within the confines of your mouth. You feel your pussy contracting, and you wonder why cocksucking is such a turn on. But then you wonder the sage advice of the beer commercial, "Why ask why?"

But sucking is not all that you are doing; your hands have been busy the whole time pulling and squeezing these columns of flesh. Thank goodness for cocks, you think, now lets put them to use.

"OK, Steve-2 you're slightly bigger than Steve-1, so you'll have to go last."

Beyond the out thrust phallics, you can see both Steves smile at your choice. Steve-1 reaches into his kit and withdraws a condom. He quickly removes it from its wrapper, and rolls the latex tube over his cock. At first you are a little disappointed that they don't trust you to be 'clean', but then you realize that their main concern might be your safety.

Steve-1 walks around to the opposite side of the table. He wraps his arms around your legs and begins to pull you down the table. You squeeze tightly on Steve-2's cock that you have never released, and you feel your legs go weak with excitement. Your ass is at last even with the bottom edge of the massage table. You can't wait until the internal massage begins. The first contact of Steve-1's cock with your cunt is fantastic. Better than everything that you have already felt to this point. Slowly he slides the heavy rod across your slit. It rides ever so wonderfully along your throbbing clit. You have an urgent need to have him fill you, and you cry in delicious agony. Back and forth he slides coating the rubber sheath with your own lubricating juices. Your clit is ready to explode and your empty cunt is screaming to be filled.

"Fuck me! Stick that THING in me now! Give me it all," you beg.

And so he does. His head first nuzzles between your slick, open lips and aligns itself with the hole beyond the opening. Then, in a swift smooth motion, by pulling your hips into his loins, he slides his entire length into your pulsating cunt. Then with a smooth stroke he pulls his cock back out, and the fuck begins. In and out his steel hard pole slides within the tight grip of your pussy.

Without warning Steve-2 has bent over and zeroed in on your breasts. His mouth finds your right tit, and sucks a third of it in. He circles and circles the hard nipple. Your left breast is similarly stimulated by his left hand. Your gently encourage him, by squeezing his rock hard pleasure tool.

Steve-2's other hand glides down your belly. As it approaches its goal, your head swims with delight. Bingo, that-a-boy, you think. He finds your clit and begins stimulating it. Magically his fingers and Steve-1's cock work in perfected timing. You feel another orgasm approaching, but this one is twice as strong as the last. Not only can you feel it in your clit, but also throughout your entire cunt!

"Oh, no! Oh oh oh oooooooooooooooh", you scream as your body bounces up and down on the table. The waves of cum flood your body, much as your juices flood Steve's embedded cock.

You come to your senses and realize that the Steve's are also moaning and groaning. You look up and see that Steve-2 showing signs of ecstatic joy! You let go of his cock that you had been unconsciously pumping. Please don't waste that gorgeous hard on, you silently plead. Downward you look, Steve-1 is pumping in and out of you, and you watch as his muscles tense and you know that he is shooting off deep within your cunt. You can almost feel each blast as his entire body thrusts with ever burst. At last he stops and a great grin of delight comes across his face.

He eases his cock from your delightful depths, and somehow he manages to make even this act feel fantastic. You rise up on your elbows to get a better view, and you see the end of his rubber, hanging down heavy at the end of his softening dick, full of his jism. In a post orgasmic trance he staggers back from between your outspread legs. Then in an act of total adoration he bends his head forward and kisses your gaping pussy all over. He is mumbling his thanks, as he worships the temple of your loins.

With a wave of your hand you bid him to come up to you. With a couple of step he is by your side. You roll over slightly and reach for that marvelous fuck tool of his. Carefully you slide the condom off his now wrinkled penis; funny, you think, how powerless they seem when flaccid. Powerless, but cute and erotic nonetheless.

You raise the translucent bag of semen to your nose and inhale the raw sex deeply. What a wonderful smell, what a powerful smell. It makes your pussy ache once again with desire. You play with the bag. You test its weight, and are proud of the generous amount produced. You know it's a silly notion, but somehow you can't help but view it as a measure of your own sexiness. You like the way the latex feels, all filled with Steve-1's spunk. Like a small water balloon, only not filled with water. No, not water at all. You think of the power that you hold in your hands; there are millions of live sperms swimming around inside. Each and every one a half person, capable of joining with a woman's egg and making a new human being.

You hold the rubber by its rim and with the other hand you stick in a finger. This whole experience is just making you do things you've never 'dared' to do before. As your finger makes contact you focus on the feel of his cum. It is still very warm, and it is wet, but not as wet as water. You withdraw your finger and play with the stuff between your finger and thumb. It is both slick and sticky at the same time. You wonder if this stuff, (which you always though of as icky before), would be good for the skin. So you turn the bag upside down, and squeeze the white stuff onto your breasts.

Both Steves watch your actions with rapt fascination. You are almost completely oblivious of them, as you are totally absorbed in your new found diversion. Your nipples tingle with every drop of sperm that hits them. This stuff feels really good right between your cleavage. You have a flash fantasy about being cum on by lots of cum from lots of guys. Your nipples are instantly hard again with this thought, and your pussy gushes with excitement. You take your right hand and begin to massage this 'skin cream' into your breasts. Ah, it feels so good spreading out over your sensitive tits. You take advantage of its slickness to roll your nipples between your thumb and fingers. Your nipples are pulsing with excitation. You pull on them, tugging them gently to release even more pleasure.

The pleasure is so great that you have to close your eyes. And the pleasure keeps flowing from your erect nipples as you fondle them. The waves flow directly to your clit, where they crash like waves on the shore pound the beach. Your breasts want even more sensation, so you pull them towards your mouth, and give the right one a timid little lick. Oh!, that felt great, so you lick again, this time harder. And then another lick, this time flattening your tongue out wide. You taste Steve-1's cum, and it triggers spasms deep in your loins.

You turn your mouth to your left breast and begin lick its hardened tit. Oh! what could feel better you wonder. And then, as if in answer, you feel Steve-1's also hot mouth close down around your unattended nipple. He sucks hard while at the same time flicking his tongue rapidly against the nipple. You try to match his rhythm with your tongue, and the jolts of excitement from both breasts at the same time feels marvelous. But it gets even better, Steve-1 reaches down with his left hand and pounces your wanton cunt with it. Two of his fingers slide into your slippery hole, while the others stroke your outstretched lips, and his palm massages your pubic mound. You hump your hips up, thrusting your sex against his hand, lost in this sexual rapture.

With all this going on, who could blame you for loosing track of Steve-2. But he has not been idle, as he watched you getting more and more frenzied, he slipped a condom over his hard-on. And now he has moved to the base of the table. His cock is aimed at the heart of your liquid center. You gasp with disappointment when Steve-1 abruptly withdraws his hand and fingers. But without missing a stroke, Steve-2 thrust forward and slides his rod deep into your cunt. His pole's extra girth, stretches your insides deliciously.

As he begins his strokes you wrap your legs around his buns. You use them to pull his groin into yours with great force. You relish the feeling of impalement, and love the feeling of every stroke. You stop licking your breast so that you can just lay back and enjoy it all. Steve-1 sees to it that your breasts are not neglected; he quickly flicks his tongue between one nipple and then the other. Each time he switches nip, your cunt responds by clamping down on Steve-2's sliding shaft.

You are moaning incoherently, and the world becomes a swirl of pleasure. "Make me come!" you implore.

Steve-1 runs his tongue along your belly, past your navel, beyond your pubes, and right onto your clit. He begins flicking it and licking it, even as Steve-2's cock is fucking in and out of your hole. What a combination of sensations! You've always wished your clit could be licked while you were getting screwed, and at last your wish is coming true. Oh! it feels as good as I thought it would, you think.

You grab both your breasts with your two hands. You squeeze them in time to Steve-2's thrusting. Your fingers and thumbs pinch at the tingling nipples. Your body has never been this excited before. Steve-1's wet tongue feels so good flicking at your clit, and it's all you can do not to fly off the table.

"Ahhhhh," you moan.

Steve-2 must take that to mean faster because you can feel him increase the tempo of his thrusting.

"Mmmmmmmmmm," you moan some more.

He must take that to mean harder, for the strength of his strokes is increased.

You know that you've got to cum soon, cause there is no way that you can stand pleasure this intense to much longer. Steve-2's body and your body slam into each other, and the sound of slurping and slapping fills the air. The table shakes and you quiver as if in an earthquake. How Steve-1 does it is a mystery to you, but somehow he is staying with your clit; licking it like there is no tomorrow!

And then, BLAMMO! You cum. A mind jolting, shattering orgasm. You feel like you're being launched straight into space. You've heard the phrase 'fuck my brains out', well right now you are learning first hand just what that means. Your vagina is clamping down over and over again around Steve-2's pistoning cock. And your clit is cascading with pleasure. You buck and hump and toss about. Your throat gives sound to all this ecstasy and moans, cries, and screams of pleasure blast forth. You ride one crest of orgasmic fulfillment only to be lifted on another and then another.

Steve-2, triggered by your passionate rapture, tenses, moans and fires. You know that deep into you he is erupting, and the thought of his cum squirting out the end of his dick, adds to your excitement, producing even more orgasms.

And then it's over. Slowly you begin your descent. Your body feels as light as a feather. You are floating, without a care in the world. Totally spent, totally sated, totally at peace.

As you reveal in this post-orgasmic bliss. You can feel Steve-1 gently kissing your forehead. And Steve-2 is softly caressing your body. Ah you can't recall ever feeling this fantastic.

You open your eyes, and a smile beams across your face. "Boys, " you whisper, " that was marvelous."

"Thank-you," they reply in stereo.

"I think I'm ready for my bath." you purr. You are really getting the hang of being in control, and enjoy it almost as much as you've enjoyed the sex. You can hardly wait to see what comes next.

Steve-1 gives your breasts a couple of good-bye kisses and then takes some vials into the master bath. You hadn't realized it, but Steve-2 is still inside you. Slowly his cock is shrinking, as he continues to stroke your body. And your mind is floating on a cloud: you have never felt better. The sound of water filling the tub can be heard. You begin to play with Steve-2's cock, slowly working it out of your cunt by squeezing your vaginal muscles. Squeeze and squeeze and squeeze, until at last it pops out, and you smile to yourself. For some reason it's always fun to pop a man's cock out this way.

"Let me help you up," Steve-2 says, offering you his hand.

You reach both your hands to his and he pulls you up to a sitting position. You glance down and see that the condom is still on his soft cock. The reservoir tip hangs down heavy, full of lots of his sperm. You glance up and catch him admiring your body. You blush with pride, because it is obvious that he likes what he sees.

Steve-2 bends close and whispers into your ear, "Thank-you, Liza, it was a pleasure to be inside you."

"Oh, the pleasure was all mine, sweetie."

He places his hands around your waist and lifts you to your feet. Oh it's such a thrill to be lifted by a man; you really can feel the power of the male. You can't help but wonder what it would be like to be fucked by Steve-2 while he holds you in mid-air.

Slowly you strut into the bath, leaving Steve-2 behind to watch your behind as you exaggerate the sway. Steve-1 waits inside next to the tub. He looks real cute all naked, standing at attention. You notice that his cock is flaccid and surprisingly small in this state. You can't help but wonder how fast you could make it hard again, and how easily you could do it. It probably wouldn't take but the slightest suggestion of sex to make it pop right on up again. Hee hee, you think, men's penises can be such fun toys, once a woman learns how to work them.

Steve-1 holds your hand as you step into the bubbles in your tub. The water is the perfect temperature. And you lower yourself into the blissful world of this bubble bath. You glance over and see the two Steves standing side by side, beautiful and buck naked, waiting to execute your next command. Your drink in their nakedness, shamelessly scanning their bodies up and down. When you at last get to their faces they are beaming with smiles. The little rascals, apparently enjoy being sex objects for you.

The water feels fantastic, you close your eyes and just focus on the luxuriousness of this moment. You feel completely sated and want nothing more than to just mellow out here in this wonderful tub. The massage, and then the sex, and now the bath, have made you feel better that you ever have before.

So you open your eyes and say, "Well guys, I guess your work here is done. Thank-you very much. You will definitely get a good report from me to your supervisor. Please let yourselves out. On the table by the door you will find envelops with your tips in them."

"Good day, ma'am," they say, smile and turn and leave. You hear them quietly and quickly dress, pack up their stuff and table, and then leave. As they go out the front door they both call out, "Good-bye and have a good day."